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Here you can find detailed information about procedures, requirements, frequently asked questions and other pertinent information. We also have included electronic versions of various documents that you can download to read or print.

Procedures & Requirements

The following subsection covers the most common questions related to Procedures and Requirements for Morrison Creek Water District. If you have any other questions, please contact us!

    How Do I...?

Obtain Sign Off for a Building Permit:

    For Lots With Central Water & Sewer Service:
  1. Submit Required Plans and Information to the SPOA Architectural Review Commitee. A representative of the Commitee must notify the District either verbally or in writing that the submittal has been made.
  2. Pay any Required Tap Fees to the District. This is currently $9,000 for water and $7,000 for sewer, totaling $16,000 for a Single Family lot.
  3. Purchase a water meter and setter from the District. This is currently $250 per meter and setter.
  4. Provide a site plan showing the location of the sevice lines along with three point location of all cleanouts and shut offs.
    For Lots Not Served By Central Water & Sewer Service:
  1. The Road to the Lot Must meet the minimal standards set by the District.
  2. Submit Required Plans and Information to the SPOA Architectural Review Board. A representative of the Board must notify the District either verbally or in writing that the submittal has been made.
  3. Obtain a "Lot Owner Agreement" from the District or Routt County Building Department. The Agreement must be filled out and signed exactly as the title to the Subject Property appears. The signature(s) must be notarized. You can find a PDF version of this document in the next section below.
  4. Submit the properly executed "Lot Owner Agreement" to the District along with checks for the following: $15,318 to the Morrison Creek Metro Water & Sanitation District ($14,818 impact fee plus $500 administration fee) and $100 to the Colorado Division of Water Resources. Use the Lot Owner Agreement document below, signed and notarized.
  5. Submit a "Site Plan" showing the proposed locations of the sewage containment vault and well on the lot for approval by the District.

Acquire Topographical Maps of Subdivisions:

  1. Contact Skidge Moon at D & D, Inc. and request a Topo Map of one or more subdivisions.
  2. Payment for each map will include cost for the map as well as a preparation fee.
  3. Further details, as well as contact info for Skidge Moon, can be found at the Topo Maps page.

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Click Here to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat ReaderDocuments

Here you will find various downloadable documents, all in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you have Acrobat Reader configured on your system, then clicking on the PDF icon will show the document in a new browser window. If you wish to save the document instead, right-click on the icon and choose the "Save as..." or similar option. If you don't have Acrobat, you can download it for free by clicking on the icon to the right (which will pop up a new window and take you to Adobe's page for downloading Acrobat Reader).

Summary of Rules

A summary of the Rules & Regulations. 5 pages

 55 KB

Rules & Regulations

The complete rules and regulations for the Morrison Creek Water and Sanitation District. 33 pages

177 KB

Amendment to Rules & Regulations (2.16.06) re: Rate Changes

Amendment to the preceding Rules & Regulations. 9 page

99 KB

Lateral Disclaimer

Notice & Disclaimer for water line laterals constructed in the district in the 1970s. 1 page

 57 KB

Lot Consolidation Agreement

This Document is required to be executed by those wishing to consolidate lots and rezone to MRE. 6 pages

 78 KB

Lot Owner Agreement- 2012 Revision

This document is required to be executed by those wishing to obtain a building permit on those lots which do not have access to central water and/or sewer service.

This Agreement must be turned in to the Morrision Creek Water and Sanitation District, which will handle administration of the Agreement, including recordingit at the County Clerk & Recorders office.

You may also need the Well Permit Form, which you can find HERE.

1.6 MB

CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) Resolution - September 18th, 2014

A resolution adopting charges for search, retrieval, and reproduction of public records. 2 pages

 242 KB

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